Santa Barbara’s Inground Pool Experts

Trusting a team of pool contractors and pool builders to tear up your property can be a nerve-racking thing to do. That is why it’s important when considering the companies in your area to pick the best. Ventura Pools has been a local industry leader for many years. Every one of our dedicated team members are licensed and bonded, not to mention invested in the work they do.

Home and business owners of Santa Barbara know they can count on us every step of the way for residential pool construction, and the installation of commercial pools.

Invest in the best and talk to us about our services today!

Inground Pool Installation

Whether you’re a company owner looking to take your hotel or community center to the next level for your loyal clients, or a homeowner looking for relaxation or family fun, the installation of an inground pool is your answer.

Ventura Pools has been constructing custom pools for years in Santa Barbara and we know not only how to build a beautiful pool, but one that’s functional and can stand the test of time as well.

Choosing a company that’s on top of all the latest design trends is just a bonus!

Inground Pool Maintenance

Any member of the Ventura Pools team is knowledgeable and able to give you the best advice on maintaining your new inground pool once it’s installed. Inground pool costs can be high, so maintaining that pool once it’s there is important.

Checking your pool’s pH and chlorine levels, cleaning debris, applying surface cleaner and running your filtration system are just a few things we can assist you in getting started on, and if you ever need further advice just give us a call!

Inground Pool Repair

We don’t just build them, we repair them as well. The last thing we want is for one of our loyal Santa Barbara clients to run into problems and not have their original pool contractors on-hand to help out.

  • Motor replacement
  • Plaster refurbishment
  • Liner replacement
  • Liner repair
  • Crack filling

The regular maintenance of your pool is crucial so you don’t rack up a list of expensive repairs. A pool is an investment. Don’t let it fall into disrepair. Allow us to help you so that your backyard focal point doesn’t turn into an eyesore by next season.

Your Full-Service Pool Contractors

Ventura Pools is happy to say we are Santa Barbara’s full-service pool contractors. The installation, proper maintenance and timely repairs of an inground pool will give you an amazing way to cool off in the warmer months.

Residential pool construction or the installation of commercial pools—we’re up for the job. When considering the cost of an inground pool, consider the joy you and everyone you know is going to get out of it.

Once you have a beautiful new pool in your yard you’re barely going to remember what it was like not having one, and above all, will never want to go back. Conquer summer. Call Ventura Pools today.