New Pools Installed in Santa Barbara

If you have the funds and the space to construct a swimming pool or spa, there’s really no reason not to go for it. They’re perfect for recreation, relaxation, fitness, and on top of that they’re an enviable yard centerpiece that greatly increase the esthetics of your property.

However, because of the size and imposition of a pool in your backyard space the consideration of Santa Barbara pool contractors should be taken seriously.

At Ventura Pools we pride ourselves on transparent customer assistance. We make it easy for you to see our past work, testimonials, and record with subcontractors that can join the team to assist with other aspects of new pool construction such as decking and patios.

All Kinds of Custom Built Pools

Can’t quite figure out what you want before embarking on pool construction? When you work with a pool designer we’ll look at your yard, talk budget, and determine what’s going to look best in your yard for the most favorable price.


The most popular method of inground pool installation, we’ll build a rebar framework and then spray it with a mixture of concrete and sand. It’s an upgrade from the classic poured concrete pools. A variety of finishes are available, most often plaster but tile, stone, and man-made textures are also options. These pools are built to last!

Poured Concrete

Gunite 1.0, these pools are a lot more difficult to build and involve pouring concrete into a wooden frame. But, it does have its benefits. Give us a call today and if you’re considering installing an inground pool in your backyard, we’ll let you know all the pros and cons.


Quick and easy, fiberglass pools are sold as one form that is inserted in an excavated hole with the help of a crane. Unlike concrete, since these pools are ready-made the options for customization are few.


Vinyl-lined pools are great. You get the custom design of concrete with a smooth bottom. However, vinyl can deteriorate over time and is vulnerable to UV rays. Expect these pools to have a lifespan of 10 to 18 years before you have to replace the liner.


Known as the most affordable option for the new homeowner, aboveground pools are a fraction of the cost of an inground pool, and are actually safer as well. Not being implanted in the ground, small children and pets/other animals will not accidentally fall in if left unattended.

All Santa Barbara yards are different, as are the clients who own them. Speaking with one of our pool contractors will make your design and build process a smooth one, yielding results perfectly suited to your requirements and yard style.

Dive In!

Don’t hold back, if you’re considering building a pool, let’s get together and discuss a plan. Our experienced and dedicated team members will be happy to create your dream pool that you, your friends and family can continue to get use out of for many years in the future.

Create your own private oasis—install a swimming pool today.